Well, it happened! I have been asked to write a second book, this one is JUST ABOUT FAITH. The name of the book is “Faith Alone”, and the subtitle is “Stories About An Amazing Dog”. The book will be written over the next few weeks, submitted for press in early August and out around October. The companion book that I wanted to write “With a Lot of Grace” is going to have to wait. This book will be about 200 pages of text written in 5-8 grade level language so that a child can read it. It will have upward of 80-100 pictures of Faith and our family, friends, people we met, places she’s been to. It will be a chronicle of time for when she was first a member of our family to what she is doing now, including her appearances on television, magazines, newspapers, personal appearances with military bases, hospitals, and children’s homes. She is really very happy to know that I’m writing a book JUST on her. She told me so this morning when she pushed me out of bed! I think she wanted to be early to the library that I write from. Incase you’re in the Edmond, Oklahoma area, I use the University of Central Oklahoma like it was a personal office. I have art galleries and over 70 computers to choose from! Come by and say hello if you’re in the neighborhood. (We’ll be in Seattle for a few days, so make it after the 11th of June)