Faith’s Amazing Story!

Faith Stringfellow is an amazing little dog, with an even more amazing story. Faith suffered from a birth defect, she became a member of our family wh

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I am unable to set up a foundation – promises of money to be funded were made and then not kept.  I am unable to do this on my own – and I must seek

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Books by Jude Stringfellow

I wrote a book called With a Little Faith (Second Ed.) ISBN: 142-57-1849-3 It is about so many things including about 100+ pages about my dog Faith,

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Faith the Amazing Biped Dog!

faith_babyAn Amazing dog.

Faith is an incredible dog. She was born just before Christmas in 2002, and we were lucky enough to have her in our family just 3 short weeks later. She was born to a mother dog, believed to be nearly full blooded Chinese Chow Chow, along with several other siblings. Faith wasn’t the only puppy born with deformities, but because “Princess”, her mother, was not our dog, we are not sure of the exact number of puppies she gave birth to. It is certain, however, that Faith was the only puppy with deformities to live.

Faith was rescued by my son Reuben on January 21, 2003, when he and his friend Johnny, the owner of Princess, jumped over the fence of the flea market area that Princess was raised to guard. Princess isn’t exactly the mothering kind. She was literally terminating Faith’s life because she knew instinctively that Faith was unable to battle the other puppies for a place to feed. Faith was weak, small, runtish, and mostly she was nearly dead. Reuben grabbed Faith out from under Princess and smuggled her under his jersey. He wore #63 for the Putnam City Pirates football team.

When Reuben brought Faith to us she had 3 actual legs, but the left front leg was badly deformed, placed backward, upside down, and it had more toes on it than normal dog legs. The leg was removed when she was 7 months old when it began to atrophy. People ask me if it was easy to teach Faith to walk upright…the answer is NO! It was not easy, and it was not natural. It was SUPER natural, and therefore, we have to give all of the credit to Jesus. Of course, it took a little….Faith as well.

What you  may or may not realize is that Faith was given an Honorary Commission as an E5 SGT in the U.S. Army in June 2006.  She was commissioned out of Ft. Lewis near Seattle, WA.  There were many many soldiers and civilians in attendance who cheered her on as she accepted her Commission. It was just suppose to be for an hour, but you know, when you’re in the Army you’re IN the Army. She proudly holds her head up – wearing her custom made ACU jacket (Thanks Jason) with the American flag and the Department of Defense patch as well. She is a therapy dog, and that is also reflected on the ACU jacket.  She actually out ranks my son who is at this time an E4 Specialist.  Faith can not be deployed and she enjoys no official benefits…but she gives a lot of love and encouragement to the men and women of our Armed Forces – all branches.  Hooah!

FAITH  NEEDS  TO  BE  IN  A  MOVIE  ABOUT  HER  LIFE  – FIRST   LEGITIMATE (recognized professional)   DIRECTOR/PRODUCER   GETS   THE  JOB . We need to schedule this immediately before the book tour in Summer 2009.   Hallmark, Lifetime, Fox, feature – it doesn’t matter – the important thing is to get the story out for the millions of people who will be inspired.  Are YOU a believer of the Law of Attraction? I am…this will happen, YOU may as well be involved!  BELIEVE.

I wrote two separate books about Faith and our Family.  Both are available at and/or  “With a Little Faith” (2nd Ed.) is primarily about our family and the struggles we endured before Faith came into our lives and helped heal our hearts.  “Faith Alone: Stories of an Amazing Dog” is more about Faith and is now being translated in Japanese as well.