Booking Engagements

Contact: Mike Maguire – booking agent: [email protected] or by calling him at (571) 215-1147

or Jude Stringfellow (405) 248-5797 by e-mail: [email protected] If you contact me directly, you will still need to complete a contract with Mike. No exceptions.

FEES: $1,500 per day for a venue is a standard price for a one day show or performance. It does not include expenses for travel and hotel. (3-Star hotels are required with pet acceptance)

INTERVIEW FEE (home): $1,000 for a half-day interview / film crew or personal + expenses & hotel. (i.e. Oprah, Montel, Inside Ed. type footage for the filmed interview or sound bite)

INTERNATIONAL DAY RATE: $7,500 – $10,000 per day. (Each day beginning from the day I leave America and return to America. This fee will be paid in full 10 days before I board the plane to come to your country. All international appearances MUST go through my booking agent Mike Maguire – email: [email protected] NO exceptions. A non-refundable security deposit will be required and any external fees or necessities will be paid in advance by the host)

HOTEL: must be at least a 3-star rated hotel, verifiable, and be pet friendly in a safe area of the city. (NYC: Skyline on 49th / 10th Ave.) All accommidations and transportation will be the responsibility of the host. A 3-star hotel is something like: Hilton, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, or Double Tree.

All fees are negotiable – and must be paid in advance of filming or speaking engagement. Same day pay is acceptable in most cases.