CHICAGO! H. H. Backer Pet Trade Show

This was the best show! We had so much fun, and from what I see on my website – we have a great amount of traffic as well. I’m not sure, but I can tell that 16,841 hits came between the time I left for Chicago and the time I got back! That’s incredible. We met thousands of new friends, and saw hundreds of old friends including the dogs and trainers (Peter, Jeff, Greg & Frank) from Hyperflite, Liz (and her husband Bill) from Eagle Pack, and of course Thom, Cindy and Parker Somes from PetTech…and CHEERIO (their Chihuahua). We were excited to see the staff from the Crowne Plaza in Rosemont, but our BESTEST favorite NEW friend is Anthony Tortoriello – one of the greatest photographers I’ve been able to work with. He’s awesome. We also met 5 of the Greatest American Dogs (but not Ron and Tillman…sadly sadly sadly our buddy was busy and couldn’t make it the show!) We ran into Bill McFarlin and Star, Teresa and Leroy, Beth Joy and Bella Starlet, JD and Galaxy, and Laura and Preston! I got to babysit Preston a little during dinner – he is the best kisser, and Bella Starlet, please, she’s beautiful. Star was just your typical beautiful Texas girl – very very classy, Galaxy was smart, pretty, and she loves her daddy – and Leroy was fun loving, loud, and gorgeous…and you know what, he has brown on his face. We couldn’t really see that on TV, but he does and I loved that. I have to thank a couple of great women, Colette Fairchild and Patty Backer. They brought us out – and took great care of us. THANK YOU H. H. Backer!!! We seriously love you guys! See you in May at the Baltimore show…please. : )