Christmas at the Norman Veterans Administration TODAY!

Merry Christmas! This was our first of hopefully many visits to the Norman, Oklahoma Veteran’s Administration on E. Robinson. If you are in the area please stop by and call up Regina to have her give you a guided tour. You can meet Travis, Willie, Johnny, Mitch, and so many other great vets who have served our nation through the various branches of the Armed Forces. There were a few hard-core Marines giving me fits because we’re more or less Army! It was fun! I love the love these guys and gals for that matter, have not only for our great country, but for the men and women serving now. I was hugged a 100+ times as Faith was petted and loved on by so many cheerful and happy faces. Faith even got to meet up with a little K9 friend named Little Bit who lives at the center full time. We saw a furry-angel or two as well, more therapy dogs! Faith enjoyed a couple of cookies and danced a bit for everyone. She was a bit more vocal today than usual – maybe it was her way of saying thank you, and maybe it was because were in Oklahoma Sooner territory, just a mile from the campus where the GREAT OU Sooners live and breathe all day! Thanks again Regina for calling us out – and for giving Faith the KEY TO THE CITY! Faith is now an official volunteer for the center – – she has a pictured name badge and everything! I guess I’ll still have to sign in the normal way. Haha YOU gotta love our VETS!! (The Norman Transcript will have a story soon, and I’ll try to link it!)