Daryn Kagan Interviewed Me!

She’s so pretty!!! I was so excited when I opened up my e-mail last week and saw that Daryn Kagan of www.darynkagan.com wanted to interview moi. Oh, I love her. She has a fantastic website with great stories of inspiration for both animals and humans to enjoy. You’ll love it – and soon you’ll see me and Faith walking around on it too. We’re going to link the two sites so you can see both more easily. The footage on Daryn’s video was freshly shot – just about 30 minutes ago actually on April 2, 2007 right outside our house. In Edmond, OK there are many trails to walk or jog, you can feed the ducks, chase a squirrel or find a beaver, as Caity has proven (read my blog). Faith had such a great time, and the interview was fun too – we pretended we were at Starbucks just talking. I actually believed it for a second too! What’s your Starbucks drink? Mine – Quad Shot Wet Cappucino in the morning – I ease off a litle later on in the day. Thanks Daryn! Can’t wait to see Faith running around your place!