Faith Alone: Stories of an Amazing Dog! IS OUT on AMAZON

Yes, I found it myself when I was googling my first book. I was a little shocked, but pleased, that they are selling it. Like Periwinkle before it, Amazon and/or Xlibris (publisher) has set a price that is too high for me. I don’t know why they think anyone would want to pay that sort of a price for a 124 page book. BUT – it is a great book! The one thing about Faith Alone that really sets it apart from all other books is that is ONLY about my DOG Faith. The first book was more or less a memoir. The two books are being looked at now by a large pubishing house and they will be combined to make a fat, comprehensive book that should be released in the early part of next year or the latter part of this one. It is bound to be successful as the subject matter is successful – Faith is going places like firecrackers and it’s just a matter of time now before she’s in your house in some form – maybe a stuffed animal, poster, or book – she’s worth it. She works hard, and she’s so cute! What an adorable little girl. I told her about Amazon placing the book up for sale – she thought it was cool and all, but preferred that I leaned a little closer with my sausage pizza – that was more interesting to her. What a dog. The ISBN for Faith Alone: Stories of an Amazing Dog is: 142-57-3678-5