American Loses Faith a Second Time
Actually, to be perfectly fair, American didn’t “LOSE” Faith, they didn’t put her on my flight. She was flying CARGO, which again we’re going to have to talk to AA about – as it seems to be a problem remembering to put the barking luggage on the correct plane – but we’ll work it out. The O’Hare American Airlines and the Oklahoma City, as well as Tulsa American workers worked together to get Faith back to me. There was weather, so she was rerouted, it took another 8 hours, but you know – we are going to rectify this problem immediately. We just can’t go around misplacing U.S. Army SGTs, it just needs to stop! Faith was happy though, tired and exhausted, but happy. Two very very kind workers from Chicago’s O’Hare American staff (Virginia and Lynn) flew from Chicago to Tulsa, rented a car at midnight and drove 2 hours to Oklahoma City to deliver my dog! What service! That’s over and above, and I thank them, and I thank Paula D. in OKC for her help too. But, it doesn’t excuse the fact that it happened, so we’ll be talking to Roger at the Dallas PR/Corporate office about a solution. We love American, we want to continue, but like I said – she needs to be put on MY plane from now on. Thanks guys! You were great in a crisis!
Posted on 10/15/2007
Can’t Take This Dog Anywhere! (LOL)
Faith was kicked out of Gibson’s Steakhouse in Rosemont (Chicago) Thursday night after she caused a disturbance. Well, I guess she does that. She was wearing her vest, we even explained to the overwhelmed manager Grace that she was a U.S. Army SGT and had every right to be in the resturant. You really can’t blame us if the crowd goes wild, and if they get out of their seats to take pictures, shake our hand, ask for business cards (it was a convention!) and you can’t blame Faith for being so well loved. Gibson’s is the type of place that normally thrives on celebrity, but I suppose Grace’s idea of celebrity may vary from that of the hundreds of upset guests when we were asked to leave. I’m told it made the news, I’m told it was blogged about – I know a professional ball player left with his party when we left, as did several people standing in line waiting to get in. Well, the next day we were showered with flowers and asked to return. (Go figure!) We’ll go back – but not immediately, Faith may be forgiving, but my feelings were a bit touched. I’ll be OK…I bounce. On the FLIP side of that – Maria’s Mexican Restaurant and Giordano’s in Rosemont welcomed Faith with open arms and steak pieces! It was an incredible weekend with the H.H. Backer pet and trade show….to be honest – I’ve always known I would love Chicago. I just didn’t know how much! The Crown Plaza was awesome, the Off the Park Restaurant (Manager Abberheim and waitstaffer Jose) were so sweet, so kind to us. Thank you!
Posted on 10/15/2007
Caity was playing around with Laura’s new puppy (Laura officially gave Faith over to me after Ozzfest, something about her being too much like a toddler for her liking.) Faith’s new friend is Sayuki, a 3 month old black male Chihuahua that (like all Chihuahuas) thinks he’s bigger and tougher than most other 3 pound monsters! Caity’s face too the brunt of the force, and she got 7 stitches Monday night. See details at:, but you should be aware that NO MATTER what the breed, the size, the age, or the demeanor of a dog, it is a dog! It has teeth! Faith too, so you should be careful when approaching and/or playing with dogs – go easy! Caity has all of her shots so Sayuki need not worry.
Posted on 10/10/2007
Going to CHICAGO !! H.H. Backer Pet Expo next weekend
Here is a link to the H.H. Backer Pet Expo that Faith and I will be attending as spokesperson/dog for the great new upstart company Dublin Dog. You should be so lucky to have your own dog wearing a Dublin Dog collar – they’re awesome, and they don’t wear out or get smelly. Try to come and out and see us if you’re in the area! Chicago is sooo much fun. Only NYC beats it for me, and that’s saying something because I love to travel, and I love Seattle, Panama City, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, oh, I love Portland…..but Chicago! Oh yeah! For more information about Dublin Dog you can go to their website:
Posted on 10/5/2007
What a Difference ONE Year Makes.
One year ago today. Just 365 days ago – I was standing with my baby boy in a room where he would soon be swearing his allegiance to the United States of America. He would be taking the oath required for him to join the military. Just one day before that I was actually paying $1508.00 in traffic tickets and violations, warrants, and other actions so that my boy could make that date with Uncle Sam, but I digress. One year ago my son dedicated his life, knowledge, skills, and willingness to be trained for you, for me, for the U.S., and interestingly for Israel. He actually told me that he was going to join the Army so that he could defend Israel when the time came to do so. My son is my hero. He weighed 230 pounds that day. He’s hovering around 190 now. He was 6’3″ that day. Today on paper my son is 5’11” so that he can fit inside the tank he’s suppose to be driving. He is in Alaska, has broken his arm playing ball for his barracks, he’s learned to kill in a dozen ways, and he’s typing better than he’s ever typed before due to the fact that his hand is cast and he must think about what he’s doing. The Army’s training program is odd, I admit, but effective. One year ago I weighed 205 pounds myself. Today I am at 155. I was 5’7″ and I am still 5’7″, and I have NO intention of driving any military vehicles whatsoever. But I would like to go to Alaska once. I celebrate a boy today, a man really, but always my boy. REUBEN…my hero! Hooah! ONE DOWN – Two and one/fourth to go.
Posted on 9/21/2007
Retirement Housing Foundation!
I was sitting in the Orlando International Airport (sometimes that’s a scary thing i.e.: When American Airlines lost my puppy). While I was sitting in the airport I happened to me a very interesting man. I met the president of the Retirement Housing Foundation located in Long Beach, CA. He was on his way to Puerto Rico, and we struck up a conversation about Faith of course, and about the children who were dancing around Faith and laughing with her as she darted in and out of the aisles meeting and greeting anyone who happened to have a smathering of food to share with her. Dr. Laverne Joseph is the man I met, and I have to tell you, he’s incredibly knowledged, poised, and provided so many interesting questions regarding Faith, her mission, and her message. The reason I’m just now getting around to telling you about Dr. Joseph is because he has published an article about Faith and I in his newsletter “The Vintage”, in the Summer/Fall 2007 issue. He was so sweet to ask if he could, and of course I had no problem with it. He even mentioned my books and where they could be purchased. I just wanted to thank Dr. Joseph, and to say that the newsletter was so inspiring after reading about all the volunteers who gave of their time, money, efforts, prayers, and love to a project known as H.A.N.D.S. It stands for: Helping Angels National Donated Support. A large number of volunteers all over the country and world are involved in giving back to their communities through quiltig, needlework, handiwork, crafs, and just loving the elderly. Please, take a minute to look up the website for the RHF. I’ve linked it to this news ad. Thanks to everyone at the RHF for your kind work and love. The website for the newsletter is:
Posted on 9/21/2007
National Speakers Association
Soon – very soon – I will be joining the National Speakers Association (NSA) and becoming a national and international speaker full time. I am greatly looking forward to this adventure, and hope to meet up with as many of you as possible. Bookings will be available through my NSA website, but I will add a link to this one and to my blog so you can find me easily. My main areas of expertise are: Motivational, Inspirational, and Educational. I promise to be funny, but not as casual as I am on my blog. There are rules and guidelines for NSA members which must be upheld. I will not let them down. Hope to see you on the road!!
Posted on 9/15/2007
Google has the ability to find just about anyone from their telephone number. Go to and put your own phone number in the locator box. It may (probably) pop up your name, address, and a map to your home. You can then click your number and REMOVE your name from their list. It takes up to 48 hours to be removed. I am told over 80,000,000 numbers are in the data base. My number was not as I use a cell phone – but my P.O. Box was linked – which is OK with me. You may not want the world to know where you live, or where your kid lives! Just looking out for you guys! Thanks to Lenny of PetLane Products in San Fran for telling me.
Posted on 9/15/2007
Server Down for a While
Sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused yesterday (9/12) when the server was down. I didn’t realize it until someone e-mailed me to say it was. I spoke with Matt Layne the webmaster, and he immediately fixed the problem. He’s great like that. If you need a website master or creator, just contact Matt at: [email protected] and you will have the best!!! Thanks Matt.
Posted on 9/13/2007
Seoul Korea’s SBS
This morning I was interviewed on my cell phone by another Korean radio station. It was awesome! I was asked some of the same questions that other stations and television hosts have asked. I love answering the questions because it tells me that many thousands if not millions of people are actually interested in Faith’s health and well being. Love seems to transmit through the radio! I love that. Faith, by the way, was seen by Dr. Boatsman of Neel Vet Hospital in Oklahoma City yesterday. She’ll be getting her shots and microchip on Tuesday! Dr. Boatsman gave her a very very clean bill of health and stated on camera that she was in great condition. He mentioned what we knew, that she was amazing and wonderful! Thanks Dr. B. Thanks to Lee of the SBS radio program too. I hope to hear from him about translating my books into the Korean language.
Posted on 9/7/2007
Germany and Korea Filming this week
Actually, this week and next week. Today was so coooool. Mike Remmert of The ARD-TV in Germany (he’s from California) came to film us for the show. He said it is a news type show that has celebrity, animal, and health news too. I guess it would be like Fox meets TMZ or something. Fun times! Faith was being microchipped so she could go to Europe, and things didn’t go all that well – but she’ll be chipped soon. She stressed – so we stopped the process. She’ll have another go at it next week, and have a dose of meds that will help her be more relaxed. (HOWEVER, I saw the needle. I would need 2 or 3 doses if it were me!) The South Korean SBS program that will be calling me tomorrow is more or less like a daily news and entertainment show. I’ll do a little voice clip for them, and later in the year we’ll do a video to follow up. Or it may be two different shows, I’m not sure. The attention has been wonderful. I hope I remember my international manners. I don’t want to offend anyone!
Posted on 9/5/2007
Booking: September is Full
Booking now for October and November. September is nearly completely full. There may be some space available at the end of the month. Please contact me or Mike Maguire (email: [email protected]) if you are interested in booking me and/or Faith for your conference, luncheon, or motivational speaking engagement. I will be joining a national speaking association in November. My fees may be subject to change. If I book you now and the contract is signed, that contract will be honored. I will consider booking through June 30, 2008 with the current rates if you book your date before November 1, and if the deposit is paid in advance of November 1. Thank you for your consideration. Because I may be holding a weekly gig in Las Vegas in the future, I must detour from booking weekend venues past November 1, 2007.
Posted on 9/3/2007
Major Headline Comedian May Be Added to Suit
Another comedian, this time a major name, may have to be sued if we file the suit against Maniscalco. I won’t give out his name now, it would be both inappropriate and unethical to do so. Please pray that he is understanding and will cooperate. He, as I know from his reputation, is a good man. He is a patriotic man, but he has allowed the defamation to be produced about Faith. It is believed that he OWNS the production company furthering the character slander of both myself and Faith. Again, we hope we can get this resolved, but it looks like it may end up on the nightly news due to the subject matter. Faith is a U.S. SGT and I simply will not allow this comedian, or these two, to defame her, her mission, her work, my work, or the Army – in any way.
Posted on 8/29/2007
Chicago!!! October 12-14
We’re headed for SHY TOWN. You’ll be able to see us if you are able to get into the convention. It is a trade show, so it may only be open to the traders. Here is an exerpt from Dublin Dog’s site: Dublin Dog Exhibits at the HH Backer Show. Dublin Dog Co. will be in Booth #1658 for the HH Backer Christmas Show at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Chicago, IL Oct. 12-14. Come see the latest products along with Faith the Dog and owner Jude Stringfellow. We look forward to seeing you then.
Posted on 8/17/2007
Dublin Dog – AUGUST is Faith Month!! Get 20% off your collars
AAAAAAANNNNNNYYYOONNNNEEE who uses the name FAITH in the coupon section of their order of a new Dublin Dog collar in the month of August gets 20% off! It’s got to be worth it! That’s better than being tax-free. That’s better than a store coupon! You gotta do it!! Just go to and look up the collar you want, order it, and in the coupon section put the word FAITH in it to get 20% off!! Oh yes! I want the Lucky Dog collar myself. It’s adorable.
Posted on 8/6/2007
Laura is BACK from Ozzfest!
Well, it didn’t last the summer like we thought, but Laura is happy to have been a part fo the Bros. Grim Side Show with Faith for 8 shows – it was fun for her, and fun for Faith as well. They both fell in love with the show, the performers, the crowds, the energy – and to be perfectly honest, I’m glad they’re home. There were issues that weren’t in the best interest for either, and the management of the tour and the Bros. Grim Side Show were very understanding. I don’t think a girl can get a better world-education than to hang out with the likes of Zamora the Torture King, William Darke (illusionist, flame-thrower), Jack Ringca, the 2005 National Yo-Yo champion, and Stitchy the human tattooed and pierced beauty queen! There were so many others that meant the world to her, and to Faith as well. Crystal Lockhart (aka Firefly) was Faith’s height, and they really got along, as well as Jackie, a gymnast, and martial arts performer who just happens to have physical limitations. She’s incredible. The point is, they’re back – they’re learned, they’re tired, but they’re so grateful to everyone for their love. Oh, and Laura fell in like with someone too. (Lukas!!) Gotta love those Canadian men.
Posted on 8/6/2007
Laura Stringfellow Still In LOVE with Rupert Michael Grint!
Yes, yes, it is true. The years have passed and the children have grown up, but that doesn’t change one thing – Laura’s undying love for Rupert Grint, the kid who plays Ronald Weasley in the Harry Potter movies! Laura has told me recently that he’s as hot as ever, she’s looking forward to meeting him soon in London when we go there with Faith, and here’s something: She said he’d BETTER start thinking about falling in love with her too, or in the words of Michael Buble “someone else may say the right thing!”. You’ve been forewarned Mr. Grint! You can see and hear Laura sing online at: That way you’ll know who to look out for when the media buzz starts in London – Faith and Laura are currently on Ozzfest, and having the time of their lives!
Posted on 7/20/2007
Sebastian Maniscalco Attacked Faith’s Message and Her Physical Appearance
There is a man calling himself a comedian (Sebastian Maniscalco) who has publically humiliated me, my family, my work and effort, and my precious dog Faith. You can see his YouTube clip if you feel like seeing what he calls funny – the audience laughed, so it begs the question – WHY? His idea of humor is my idea of ridicule and slander. Yes, we are taking action – the legal kind, and I hope he understands that making fun of disabled pets is not acceptable – EVER – let alone one that is an ambassador of good will, not to mention she’s a U.S. Army Sgt, commissioned out of Ft. Lewis in 2006 – her MOS is to “Make People Happy”. His portrayal of her on the Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show (Tour and possibly movie) was that of a frightening, scary, beastly creature that was hard or unpleasant to see – It’s terrible that this is happening – but it must be dealt with professionally as Faith’s message and her reputation have been defamed and slandered. He is responsible for this action. Thank you to all of the devoted fans and friends who have written to me, and to Sebastian saying they believe he was wrong to do this in such an ugly and unfunny way. Faith is currently touring with Ozzfest as a part of the Bros. Grim Side Show to show the world that you can be a little different and be OK. For this guy to make this mistake so publicly was irresponsible at best. Love to you all – and again, thank you for the support that is simply pouring into us.
Posted on 7/17/2007
OOPS – The Bus Left Faith and Laura in Donald, WA
Laura, because she’s a silly little girl, left the tour bus when it stopped to refuel this morning – but forgot to tell ANYONE that she was leaving. She was left behind as a result. The girl at least had the wherewithall to call me and tell me that she was stranded, that she didn’t have her cell, that she didn’t have the dog leash, that she didn’t have Faith’s therapy vest – so she wasn’t allowed inside to make a phone call – she was using the outside phone at the truckstop. She wasn’t all that scared at the time, but after 10-15 minutes in the dark – well, let’s just say she kept me on the phone until I could use my landline to call the manager on the bus and have them turn around to pick them both up. Faith, for her part, was OK. Just unhappy about having to stay close to Laura and not being allowed to chase a cat that was running around the truck stop! All is well that ends well – thanks to Jesus! (and yes, she promised to NEVER let that happen again.) Thanks Lucas and G for putting in the time to pick her up!
Posted on 7/11/2007
Faith is ON the bus!
The Ozzfest tour bus came by to pick Faith and Laura up. She and Faith are special guests of the Brothers Grim Side Show for a couple of months. You can read a little about it on the blog at: That way you’ll be able to keep up with the tour and the fun they’re having. She promised to call me daily, two or three times so we can do an update. She’s going to have a blast! 55 days, 25 cities, 19 states…..with Faith in tow! It should be the ride of a lifetime for that little girl. She’s 18, all grown up! Caity is having fun too these days writing and getting ready for college. Reuben’s still in the Army, still in Alaska, still having fun – looking forward to coming home at Christmas. We all are looking forward to seeing him again too. We go to Spain and other countries in September, more on that when it comes open!
Posted on 7/9/2007
Tyndale said no – but People! may help us out!
Tyndale Pubilshing said they would pass on my books at this time – that hurt. I was actually counting on them to publish at least With a Little Faith, and Faith Alone because they called me – they asked if they could possibly publish me, and then dropped me when I said I wanted to keep the books separate rather than making them into one book. My thought is that the second book is for kids actually. It’s a way that anyone really, but mainly kids, can read about Faith and her training and her adventures without having the drama of the first book – which by the way, is not about Faith really. It never was – hence the 2nd book. Anyway, Tyndale said no, but then today PEOPLE magazine called – I told the reporter that I needed a publisher, and he said that he would ask his editor if he could print that fact! That would be great! (Are you listening Harper? Are you out there Simon? I need a pubilsher!!! I have 3 books now, and have 1 to be pubished immediately that isn’t already with an ISBN – it would be great if someone wanted all 12 of my ideas for new books!) Write to [email protected] and tell her you want my books published! Please, and thank you.
Posted on 6/26/2007
Caity’s New Adventure
Caity hasn’t been talked about much on this site, but she’s venturing into the writing business like her mom. I have decided to produce her first novel for her. She writes a bit like a young Joan Collins, perhaps a tiny Danielle Steele. She’s into teen love, a bit of sexy-sweet teen giggleness – but it should prove to be both interesting and marketable. Teens do more thinking about sensuality than any of us I think. Why not write a book about a dreamer who does exactly that! She did! She’s excited about the project and once it’s ready to be submitted to the printer, we’ll market it full blast. Way to go Caity!
Posted on 6/24/2007
New E-mail Address
My old e-mail is not working properly – we have been receiving calls from people asking why we have not responded to them. Please accept our apologies. We have a new e-mal address and it is: [email protected] I hope you can reach us! We love to hear from you guys!
Posted on 6/13/2007
Laura’s SWAY released
This is not for profit, but it is downloadable. Here’s the link Laura’s Showcase Laura is also getting ready to head out for her adventures with Ozzfest and the Bros. Grim Side Show. She and Faith are special guests of the side show this summer, and will continue their stint in the fall from October to November – but they will be stationed on the Santa Monica Pier. Laura will be singing, and Faith will be demonstrating to all who will see her that you can be different and yet perfect!!
Posted on 6/8/2007
Army Life
Well, the boy is having a great time in Alaska – he says he’s playing football, getting to tackle his SGT every now and then – that’s got to be great! He’s been in the field, seen moose, black bear, caribou and huge eagles, but he’s yet to see a Kodiak. I hope for his sake, if he does, he’ll be in the tank – or at least far enough away to make it to safety if he needs to take off. According to Reuben his group of guys won’t be going “OVER THERE” for a while – maybe a year. He claims he’d rather be in Iraq than Alaska over the winter, perhaps basking in the 30 degree weather as opposed to the negative 30 degrees weather they get in his area. Keep your prayers going! He needs them!
Posted on 6/7/2007
Love for Lindsay!
The world seems to be teeming with the energy of misplaced glee – literally laughing and gossiping about the most recent “fall” of another “star”. They can’t get enough of the tabloids, the pictures, the stories about Lindsay being caught driving while intoxicated, or worse – with substances. They say it’s news. I say it’s a sad day when the public looks forward to a young woman’s mistakes being made so public. NO ONE would laugh, jeer, take photos or run to tell someone else if the person they saw hurting was their own daughter, or their own sister – why use the opportunity to hurt Lindsay? Is that truly entertainment? Rather than hate, rather than mockery, rather than “I told you so”, can we simply bow our heads for her, even for a minute? Can you just ask God to direct and guide her – 30 seconds? Would you FIRST need to ask forgiveness for your own sins? Maybe those could be splashed across the internet, the television, the newspapers, the world – would I be interested in all of your boo-boos? No. In a word – NO. Maybe you don’t love her, but our family actually cares for Lindsay – we do. We love you girl, if no one else is praying for you – you are prayed over – you are cared for, and I sincerely, hope and I actively pray, that you’ll find the peace and the healing you need. If WE can help, if Faith can help you, please don’t hesitate to call. 24/7/365
Posted on 5/29/2007
Laura’s version of the song SWAY
SWAY (the song) will be downloaded today onto the website as well as my MySpace. It is a great song. It’s been recorded by the Pussy Cat Dolls, as well as Michael Buble – and now it has been recorded (with the PCD in the background) by my daughter Laura. It has not, and will not be released for profit until it has been recorded properly, and with permission from everyone necessary. However, you can hear for yourself how very very talented Laura is, and if you have any great ties to the music industry (hint hint) you can contract her! She’s available. She’ll be traveling this summer with Ozzfest, not singing actually – but you can get her into your studio to record as soon as September 10. This is really really a great song and no one sings it with as much passion as my little girl – OK, I’m biased, but you’ll like it. I promise. Laura Ashleigh Stringfellow – YOU ROCK!
Posted on 5/17/2007
Ozzfest 2007 – Brothers Grim Side Show
HEY – Faith has been invited (thank you Bryce Graves of Brown Gravy Entertainment in Dallas) to be a part of the Brothers Grim Side Show which will be attached to the Ozzfest 2007! This is one of the BIGGEST and most exciting tours known – and will be so much fun – for Faith and Laura. I’m not going. I’m sure the last thing they need is another MOM on the tour. Sharon Osbourne can have that role, thank you! I hope Kelly Osbourne and Laura get along. I bet she’ll fall madly for Faith too. Laura wants to sing with Kelly on the bus, and become close friends – who knows, after 7 weeks on a tour bus anything can happen. Lots of unusual and exciting fun for sure. The Brothers Grim is the world famous side show you may have read about – it has a retro flavor from the early 1900’s and is so strange and bizarre you’ll never forget it. Ken (the Barker) will make you laugh and freak out at the same time! It’s his job, and he’s the best at it. Go to Ozzfest if you can, and make sure you stop by the BIG TENT to see the side show! (and Faith of course).
Posted on 5/8/2007
I WILL RELOCATE – But you have to help me do it.
Hi, if anyone out there in Faith-Fan land would like an opportunity to hire me (Jude) as a permanent and full time employee – please do so. You should know you’re getting an educated woman (96 hours on my Ph.D. I’m ABD) and I have 16 years as an office manager and paralegal, 20 years in insurance sales (while managing of course) and 7 teaching English !) Wow, am I really that old? Resume available upon request. Just e-mail me: [email protected] THANKS Yes, of course I would bring Faith with me. I’ll bring her to work if you like! LOL We would need a day or two from time to time to do speaking engagements…I pray you understand.
Posted on 5/2/2007
Talk About HAVING to Have Faith!
Faith is an amazing dog you know, but she was named for the Christian trait or quality known as faith – the substance of things believed in, the evidence of things unseen. She is a great dog, but remember, when you have to LET GO and LET GOD have the reins, you gotta do it! This week I had lunch with the best people on Earth I think. Hundreds of victims, victims advocates, lawmakers, peacemakers, the Sheriff, police, and judges from Seminole and Brevard County, FL. They were awesome! They heard my little story – and they allowed me to tell my new sad story of being asked to leave my house. The landlord doesn’t want to sell to me – he says I don’t have a REAL job….how sad! (But it is true, I don’t have one. Perhaps you would like to hire me? LOL) Faith and I will be applying for professional positions throughout the country. If you know of something we could do – please write to us.
Posted on 4/26/2007
Guidepost Magazine’s Article is OUT
The Guideposts article is out. Before you read it, or if you already have, please let me say that I didn’t ACTUALLY write the ariticle. It was based on an interview I gave. It is a good article, but I don’t use “Southern” wording such as “ruckus, rustling, or wrested”. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN READING THE BOOK “With a Little Faith” or the new book “Faith Alone: Stories of an Amazing Dog” You can get them cheaper at (bookstore/search by author) or through Amazon. Thanks! Faith is truly gifted, and we appreciate Guidepost for their help.
Posted on 4/24/2007
Mike Maguire! My new booking agent
Hey everyone – it finally happened. I have a booking agent! YES! He’s a good one. His name is Mike Maguire, and he is an established sports agent – I don’t think Faith nor I could out-bat, out-hit, out-run, or out-catch any of the 128 players he represents, but that’s OK…just think, we can go to more places and see more people. Call Mike at (571) 215-1147 if you have a gig or performance for Faith and/or me, and let’s get the party started. His e-mail is: [email protected]
Posted on 4/19/2007
Laura (owner of Faith) is cutting her first CD
The CD Laura is working on is a demo for studios, promotions, etc. It covers six cover songs including the music of Michael Buble, Evanesence, Avril, Gwen Steffani, and Kelly Clarkson. The CD will aptly be named “Cover” and will feature a beautiful picture of Laura looking like a Cover Girl. When the music is written for her original songs (including “Up to the Skies” – written by Laura years ago) she will produce and promote the CD professionally – and we’ll have links and websites set up for viewing and listening. It should be a great year for the kid – in July she and sister Caity will get to travel around a bit with Ozzie Osbourne through Brown Gravy Entertainment. We’re going to London and Paris this year, and the girls will be recording for their reality show! Cool stuff in 2007.
Posted on 4/15/2007
Guideposts Magazine – May 2007
Hello, Faith and I will be featured in the Guideposts Magazine in the May 2007 issue. It will not be on sale until April 29 I think, but hey – it’s something to look forward to! I don’t think we’re going to be on the cover, so you’ll just have to search. Faith is the one with the big tongue hanging out and the yellow face! Have a blessed April. Try to keep dry!
Posted on 4/14/2007
Faith Alone: Stories of an Amazing Dog! IS OUT on AMAZON
Yes, I found it myself when I was googling my first book. I was a little shocked, but pleased, that they are selling it. Like Periwinkle before it, Amazon and/or Xlibris (publisher) has set a price that is too high for me. I don’t know why they think anyone would want to pay that sort of a price for a 124 page book. BUT – it is a great book! The one thing about Faith Alone that really sets it apart from all other books is that is ONLY about my DOG Faith. The first book was more or less a memoir. The two books are being looked at now by a large pubishing house and they will be combined to make a fat, comprehensive book that should be released in the early part of next year or the latter part of this one. It is bound to be successful as the subject matter is successful – Faith is going places like firecrackers and it’s just a matter of time now before she’s in your house in some form – maybe a stuffed animal, poster, or book – she’s worth it. She works hard, and she’s so cute! What an adorable little girl. I told her about Amazon placing the book up for sale – she thought it was cool and all, but preferred that I leaned a little closer with my sausage pizza – that was more interesting to her. What …