Humane Society of Bay County! (and the lovely Mayor Lauren DeGeorge)

Oh, I just wanted to say thank you again to the super duper wonderful people of the greater area of Panama City, FL. It really was a great honor to be there, and to have received a key and plaque from their great (new) mayor Ms. Lauren DeGeorge. One of the highlights of my stay this month was being awarded the key and the plaque at the mall where a group of over 100 people were gathered to see Faith and to hear a little about her journey. Great people! Mayor DeGeorge let me in on a major political secret too: She’s the first female mayor since just after the turn of the 20th Century! Can you believe it? She must be doing something right! She was so nice, and so accepted by the citizens of the city too. The Humane Society of Bay County deserves a second round of applause because they have been upgraded over the past couple of years from a regular shelter to a no-kill shelter, due in part to Jan Pittman, my beautiful hostess for the few days I was in the city. I’m told the shelter has helped thousands of pets find healthy and happy homes, and their message of the importance to spay and neuter your pet was clearly irriterated in every speech I heard or gave while in town. I had originally listed a website that was incorrect, I wanted to make that correction now. You can find the Humane Society of Bay County at I will list it at the bottom of the panel as well. Thanks again guys! Merry Christmas…on your gorgeous white beaches! I’m so jealous!