Looks Like Atlanta is the Winner!

I kinda figured it would be Atlanta – I mean there’s this really cute guy I met in Chicago that lives there sure, but other than that – we have to think of the reality of it too. Hot guys aside I mean. I will be working around the country soon – speaking, teaching, training, working for a fantastic guy that does sensationally great work with large corporations in that he can literally turn their way of operating around and save them money. I’ll be part of the team – hopefully – it’s not in writing yet – but it’s in my heart and we’ve talked about it. We’re just waiting on the go-ahead, so I can’t buy the condo just yet! (I am looking though – cute townhouse type; frame exterior, basement, sideyard) I can fly just about anywhere directly or without stops from Atlanta. I thought I could in Chicago and Dallas, but I can’t. Atlanta is cheaper than Chicago and greener than Dallas – it has wonderful Southern hospitality, and I just love those accents – my guy notwithstanding, he’s from NYC originally – I think he’s a spy! OK – so yeah, the strange news is that I won’t be taking the dogs. Faith will be staying with my dad – spoiled isn’t the word for it. You can’t imagine the luxury this dog will live in at Pop’s place! Matrix and Rupert will stay with Caity, and Caity will do the traveling with Faith through the foundation most of the time now since Laura will be singing and usually touring. Reuben would love to help out, but for now he’s holding down the fort in Iraq – literally. So, there you go – I’ll have the official word in 2 weeks – and it’s condo searching time! Hot times!