New Book About Faith

IT IS ALMOST READY TO ORDER. The book that is 100% about Faith is almost ready. It is titled “Faith Alone: Stories of an Amazing Dog”. The publisher Xlibris has one mistake to fix, they got the title wrong on the cover, but it should be ready to order just before Christmas. Now, you won’t be able to have it before then, it takes a while to print and ship. However, you can download a picture and wrap that up if you want to…telling yourself, or your loved one that it is nearly ready. If they hadn’t made a boo-boo on the cover it would have been on time. Here are the two ISBN numbers. Hardcover: 1-4257-3679-3 and Softcover: 1-4257-3678-5 Again, I had nothing to do with the pricing. When I get it to a proper publishing house it should be better priced. It will also be available on Amazon in February, 2007. Thank you so much for your patience. The book is written intentionally at the 5-8th grade levels, and there is some repetition to it, as it will be necessary to make several points more than once for children wishing to use the book for their reports in school. (Being a teacher I know a few things about having to repeat myself to kids.) I do hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Faith liked it when I read it to her, blushing just a bit when I mention how very special she really is.