New York City Trip

WOW! This trip (taken December 6-8) was really great. We had a lot of ups and downs concerning the traveling arrangements; American Airlines made a few errors, but nothing that wasn’t taken care of. The only problem that has yet to be taken care of is that the Holiday Inn Select in Chicago (on Rosemont) refused to let us stay after American booked us when our plane was cancelled. The plane had mechanic problems and American booked us immediately, but the agent didn’t ask the hotel if they took animals. The holel manager, Travis, was extremely rude to us, and he even called Faith a dog. Can you believe it? He called her a dog! (LOL) Well, OK, maybe she is in the canine family, but we don’t mention it to her. She’s FAITH! But, a very nice man from England (who now lives in California) actually paid for us to be able to stay in the Holiday Inn Select, but Travis took a $175.00 deposit from Mr. Lyndon Smith, and is only giving him back $100.00 of it. Mr. Smith is an incredible man and will be spoken of openly in my next book.

The trip was awesome in every other way. We had time to walk around the city a bit, to see Times Square with it’s 4 story Toys R Us, and Virgin Record stores. Toys R Us has a working 3 story ferris wheel inside of it! You have to look at my pictures when they are posted. My son Reuben, who originally saved Faith, went with us. He had never been to NYC before, and you’ll have to ask him what he did in Queens. It may surprise some of you. The airport transport was great, we used Romantique Limos from the city. Ronny and Guy drove us around wherever we needed to go. They wear leather jackets and take us in big black Excursions…it was fun. We met with Montel Williams, saw Ryan Siecrist (I hope I spelled that correctly) in his booth on Times Square, he was really nice. Montel is the best looking man in Manhattan if you ask me. He was kind, sweet, funny, and he loves Faith. You’ll have to watch his show every time you get the chance to.

Other than sight-seeing, being on television for an Incredible Pets episode, and buying a lot of t-shirts and pretzels, we were able to go into the Hard Rock, MTV, Quicksilvers, a fantastic Amish Deli that simply amazed both of us with it’s size and produce selection. We saw and purchased coffee products from more than 8 of the 100 Starbucks in Manhattan, and they were ALL near Times Square and Rockefeller Center. We weren’t able to see Central Park this trip, but we’ll do the gig in June again, and do it right! Reuben wants to go to NJ and see Ruckers and The Meadowlands as well. He’s a huge Shockey fan, being from Oklahoma and all. We saw, but did not get to tour, the Museum of Natural History in Harlem. THAT is the building I long to see. We saw the world’s largest post office, the Empire State Building, Lady Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and of course….COPS! We love the cops and firefighters in NYC. They are the heroes, the big cheese, they are the best. We took pictures! I’ll post them soon.

We were on a television show that had a few “hero” pets on, Faith, and a parrot that has over 500 words in her vocabulary. The pictures I’m posting are of the hero pets. The cat Gizmo is not pictured as he was unable to fly to NYC to do the show. They show great video footage of him. On the show were animals and stories you may have seen on Animal Planet, Amazing Animals, and Miracle Pets. There was Jimmy and Pooh Bear: Pooh Bear (a poodle) saved Jimmy when he had a siezure due to insulin shock. Next was Lauren and Zeke. Zeke is a collie that saved Lauren when she stopped breathing. Her Mommy Diane had just bought Zeke less than a month before the incident. Third, there is Linda and Titan. Titan, a Lab, saved Linda when she hit her head on her backyard pool and the rocks surrounding the pool. Titan grabbed Linda and pulled her out of the water when she was totally knocked out! All of these animals are awesome. Gizmo is a black cat that saved Katie from fire when her bed mattress caught fire due to Katie wrapping a hot-pad around her leg. It shorted out and she was sleeping right through the smoke! Good kitty! Everyone was so great, they were wonderful to see and meet. I hope they all have great success in the future with their pets and realize who great God is for giving them their little angels on Earth.

I’m also posting pictures of the producers that worked with us. Antoinette Clarke is the producer of the show. It is titled “Incredible Pets” and as soon as they let me I will say the name of the show. Antoinette is beautiful! She is an African Queen, and needs to be in the movies. Lisa Sinisgalli is blond, tiny, bubbly, and sweet as ever. She was honest and upfront, and deserves kudos for returning my luggage to me and getting in touch with the limo driver when I left my book in the car. She was on top of the show every minute. Next is Kathy Gulinello, a gorgeous blond, curvy and Reuben thought she’d be his next girlfriend if he stayed in NYC. She was the one to hold the dogs, hug on Lauren, keep everyone happy, and give us the chocolate we needed. We love Kathy. Finally, and ever-so-wonderful, there is Alissa Cote, who gave us money! We love people who give us money. She met us at the hotel when we arrived and when we departed. She kept us in touch with the other producers, and took care of every need we had at the hotel. When Faith became a little (OK a lot) loud because Reu and I left her in the hotel so we could walk around Times Square, Alissa came to make sure Faith was OK. She’s spoiled you see…Faith, not Alissa.

Since the Feb. trip to NYC, we have had reason to go to Chicago and to speak with the manager and his supervisors at Holiday Inn. They have both apologized for their behavior,and we were told that Faith is welcome to stay with the proper notice that she will be coming. When we stayed in Holiday Inn at the Jacksonville, FL airport location we had absolutely no problems, and they welcomed us with open arms….very good people.