The Oprah Show was on May 19, and it was fantastic. I was asked not to use words such as “SEEN ON THE OPRAH SHOW” to promote my book, therefore, I won’t. Rather than saying that, I will add a blurb about Faith being seen on such shows as Oprah, Montel, Inside Edition, and Animal Attractions. Animal Attractions is a fantastic PBS-TV show that will air in the fall. It is not out yet. (Neither is the jacket of my new book) I was too sick to fly to Chicago to do the Oprah Show, but my daughters Laura and Caity went and were treated very well, and they were most impressed with their gracious hostess. They confirmed everyone’s question as to whether she was as nice in person as she appears to be on TV. They said….BETTER. They had some difficulties returning from Chicago, a source for an article on traveling experiences with a two-legged dog, but nevertheless we have them save and sound at home again and we’re ready to fly out to Los Angeles soon to do another show for another beautiful woman…no, I won’t let the name drop…just yet.