Special People

Have your people call my people!

For more information on Faith or stories about her, contact the following people:

Jude Stringfellow:

Faith’s owner
To contact Jude or to make a donation to Faith mail her at:
Faith in care of
Jude Stringfellow
P.O Box 33
Edmond, OK 73083
For booking: Call 405 248-5797

Timeline Net Services – Timeline Internet Services is Designing and Hosting Faith’s Website. Thanks for everything guys!
Website: www.tlcx.com

Stephen Holman – Stephen is Faith’s personal photographer. He is really really awesome and takes some of the cutest pictures ever. His work has been seen through the Zuma Press and the Tulsa World just to name a couple of places. He “shot” Faith for the National Enquirer, National Geographics for Kids, and for my new book “With a Little Faith”. I couldn’t have asked for a better shutter-bug. He’s the best of the best.

My Mommy and Daddy! – My parents are Reuben and Rebecca Stringfellow, but everyone calls my dad Wayne. My son Reuben is Reuben the 17th (probably). My mom and dad have been married 53 years this year…53! I have known them for about 47 of these years and I can tell you, I wouldn’t have been married to my dad that long…I love the guy, but we’re too much alike, one of us would explode. Mom does an excellent job of being the Queen, and keeping everything in check. Dad was a Western Union man for years. He fixed circuits, ran wires, fixed things behind the scenes and before that and after that he has been a cabinet maker. He’s better than the furniture makers of Ethan Allen actually. For years mom stayed home and raised us, then she went to work for various oil and gas companies as a receptionist, a secretary, and finally she became a real “oily” person, working as a geotech of sorts. She retired a few years back, and now she collects Liberty Falls things, does needle work, quilts, and keeps shoveling food down “Pop” because he’s about as skinny as a man can get….she’s actually a good cook, so it has nothing to do with that. We think he’s related to the original stickman and therefore we have hope when we’re older that we will be thin again….we have hope! I love my parents!!

Pine Ridge TV Crew and the Barnett Family/Smith/C-Family – The Pine Ridge TV crew consisted of some really unique and wonderful people. Michelle was there to totally take care of EVERY single detail before we got to Florida, and after we arrived. She passed us on to Amy Barnett, a FABULOUS director, and her crew included: Dave the sound man, Gideon the cinematic man, Ron the assistant, Diane the wardrobe and makeup lady, Ben the grip and gaffer, and Dov & Hannah were on hand to make us feel good and remind us of what beautiful people really look like! Then we met the brains behind the machine…Mr. Jerry Smith, and Cindy his gorgeous wife. Cindy and Amy are sisters, and it’s all in the family really. We worked closely with Hillary, Amy’s niece, and her daugher Emily, but I won’t give out their last name because Emily, and her two siblings Janie and Jimmy are minors and absolutely adorable!!! They loved my puppy, and they shared their home and their talents with us today. What elegant and beautiful people we met through Christ. He really is the most fantastic! He is! Thank you Jesus for introducing new family members to me. Forever love. I told Cindy that I would never say good-bye to her. I can’t. It’s just “See ya next time.” There will be more next times. Thanks guys!
Website: www.pineridgetv.com

Jeff York – Jeff York is the crazy, funny, fun to talk to guy that I call when I am looking to look at houses. So far I haven’t bought one. He’s the greatest because he keeps humoring me. I’ll change my mind a 100 times and he just keeps sending me things to look at online. I have told him that I’m interested in condos, houses, land, lake property…he looks it up and sends it to me. He doesn’t tire of my changing mind. Things change so quickly for me with the girls being my main concern when it comes to buying a house..that and the fact that the money hasn’t come in for me to actually do anything, so Jeff is patient, uplifting and willing to assist me with my planning of this event. I want to make a decision, but it looks like I can’t at this point. So…Jeff is there to fill in the gap between bordom and reality. I want this, or I think I want this, well…he’s a great reator, and you can’t go wrong when or if you hire him to help you! Thanks Jeff for being so patient with us. It may actually pay off some day. (Soon)

Mike Maguire – Mike is my advisor and he’s a good one. For booking information call him at (571) 215-1147. Mike is an ESPN announcer, and a manger/agent for more than 140 professional baseball players and since he’s been Faith’s advisor, he has become the manager and/or agent for several other famous dogs! Cool!

Jeannie Clarke and Family – Jeannie is my BEST friend and she’s so cool. I’ve known her more than 31 years. We watch OU football together, scream, yell, kick, and dance, and that’s before the game! We shop and eat, make fun of people, and ourselves most of the time. We’ve been very close for a very long time. Her husband is Darren, and her two daughters: Julie and Kristen!

The Bauers! – Niki and Eric have been married forever and have 3 precious kids. Herbie and Cheryl attend college while “Little Eric” who is taller than “Big Eric” now, is a senior in High School. We’ve been close for about 10 years – wow, that long! Eric is a great chef and Niki and I let him be! He feeds us.

Anthony Tortoriello – Wow! Another fantastic photographer! You’ll have to go to his website and see his work. Anthony and I hung out in Chicago this past October and he took so many wonderful pictures of Faith and I. Faith was at the Millennium Park, with cops, with people, on the streets, just everywhere! His work captures not only the amazing expression on my dog, but the people in the city who were so impressed and touched by seeing her. You can see their every feeling through his lens. Anthony and I are currently working on a photo gift book about Faith and it should be in stores by Summer 09. YES!
Website: www.atortphotography.com