THANKSGIVING at Grandma’s!

In short. we had a great Thanksgiving. We were eating and everyone was making fun of me for being a vegetarian – no turkey or ham for me – and that’s when REUBEN called. I told them if they made fun of me they couldn’t talk to my son! They all began to apologize immediately – – it was fun. He said that the CO brought food from the FOB (Forward Operating Base) a few miles away from where he is, and they ate well. He said they had one dinner last night just incase they didn’t have the capability to bring the dinner in on Thursday, so they had 2 Thanksgiving dinners – plus pumpkin pie! Oh, the lengths these soldiers go through to pretend to be at Grandma’s! They had free phone passes and everyone that had a family to call got to call and we were all very very thankful not only for his protection, but the protection he and his buddies are providing for us. If I could I would hug every soldier we have. It would take a while, but I’m up for that challenge. Come on, everyone join me. Find a soldier, a sailor, an airman, or a guard and just squeeeeezzzeee!

Hope your Thanksgiving was fun and full of family, friends, love, and Christ.