Hello, here is a bit of an update for upcoming FAITH appearnces. We’ll be in Seattle, WA on June 8-11 for the Ft. Lewis Airmen/Army show, which is promised to be a great time. I don’t know if it is open to the pubilc, but if I find out I’ll let you know. July 16 we will be at the Eagle Southern Heights Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, and that is an encore presentation! They loved Faith last year and re-invited her! Thanks guys. We’ll be in Cleveland, OH for the Greyhound Association on August 18-20 for Canine Fun Days and a TV show appearance, and then in Orlando, FL on August 21-22 for the NOVA, National Organization for Victims Assistance for an annual conference…that will be awesome. August 7-8 we will be in Flint, Michigan at the HUGE and Marvelous church “First Presbyterian Church of Flint”…again, fun and adventureous Christian people having a great time talking to and loving on my dog! We love you all, and look forward to see you as well.