I wrote a book called With a Little Faith (Second Ed.) ISBN: 142-57-1849-3 It is about so many things including about 100+ pages about my dog Faith, whose life has encouraged so many people across the world. The book is now available by going to: www.amazon.com and/or several other wonderful places, and you can pick it up. I’ve submitted the book to a publisher, a big, big publisher, so we’ll see what happens! Maybe we’ll be in the bookstores soon, and you won’t have to look for the book online. Happy Reading. I do like to warn people, the “f” word is in the book, so please have an adult read it through before you read it if you are under 14 years old. Again: ISBN 142-57-1849-3 (The 2nd Ed. is the better book to order)

Just doin’ my job! I’m a Mom, then a writer.

Faith Alone: Stories of an Amazing Dog (ISBN: 142-57-3679-3) can be purchased through Amazon.com. Faith Alone is the book everyone was waiting on – it’s JUST about Faith. Being a teacher, I decided to use language that would be easier for kids between the grades of 5-12, they can use the book as a report as it has the required number of pages and meets every scholastic criteria. Can you tell I’m still teaching in my head and my heart if not in the classroom? I love teaching!

Periwinkle (ISBN: 142-57-3110-4) is a poetry book. This book is beautiful, very nice for gift giving, and can make you laugh, cry, feel as if you were right there with me through the loving, the living, the laughing, and the learning of my life.

All three books were self-published through Xlibris, and are available through many channels online, the best of which of course is either through the publisher at: www.xlibris.com or through www.amazon.com Happy Reading!